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Pavo WeightLift The best support for recovery of the body condition - 20Kg

Pavo WeightLift The best support for recovery of the body condition - 20Kg

SKU: 86181

Some horses are difficult to keep in a healthy body condition: they lose weight and muscle mass reduces. Feeding extra concentrates is often not the solution. Pavo WeightLift is free of grains, molasses, soy and beet pulp, but high in fibre and protein to support healthy weight gain. A great advantage of Pavo WeightLift is that it can be fed both dry and soaked.

In perfect condition

Due to the high content of essential amino acids and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, horses are supplied with all essential building blocks during conditioning and muscle development. In combination with the high quality protein from alfalfa and energy from the natural and highly concentrated rice bran, the body condition will improve. Additionally the rice bran and linseed oil ensure a perfectly shiny coat. Because of the low sugar content from Pavo WeightLift, it is also safe to feed to horses with laminitis, EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) and insulin dysregulation.

Sugar and starch sensitive horses

More and more horses are sensitive to high levels of sugar and starch. When these horses become lean or underweight, Pavo WeightLift can support them to gain weight, without dysregulation of the glucose metabolism, muscle metabolism or digestive system. Pavo WeightLift is free of grains (the starch in Pavo WeightLift does not originate from grains but from rice bran). Starch from rice bran is digested more gradually and therefore has a more limited effect on glucose levels in the blood, compared to starch from grains. Therefore it’s a valuable and well digested source of energy which contributes to weight gain.

Supports healthy digestion

Pavo WeightLift is a small pellet that is high in fibre, mainly due to the high amount of alfalfa. The high level of fibre supports healthy digestion in general, but also ensures that when Pavo WeightLift is fed dry, the horse has to chew properly and therefore produces saliva, which provides a natural buffer for the stomach acid. In addition, Brewer’s yeast is included which can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora.

Tip: add a balancer or a concentrate to provide your horse with the daily required amount of vitamins and trace elements.

  • Key features

    • Roughage product for dry or soaked feeding
    • Free of grains, molasses and any other sugar additive
    • Supports a healthy digestion
    • Low in sugar & starch
    • Rich in amino acids (protein)
    • Free from soy and GMO raw materials
    • Balanced Ca:P ratio
  • Application


    • for lean and underweight horses
    • for senior horses
    • to support during recovery after illness
    • for horses with metabolic disorders like PSSM, PPID, laminitis, gastric problems
    • for horses advised to follow a grain-free diet

    Raw Materials

    Alfalfa / Rice bran (pressure hydrothermally treated) / Linseed expeller / Brewer's yeast / Linseedoli / Calcium carbonate / Magnesium oxide


    Pavo WeightLift can be fed dry or soaked. Soaked: mix 1 part of WeightLift with 2 parts of (warm) water (1:2). Let is soak for about 10 minutes.

    Bodyweight 300 kg

    Lean horse 0,5 kg

    Underweight 0,75 kg

    Severely underweight 1,2 kg

    Bodyweight 600 kg

    Lean horse 1,0 kg

    Underweight 1,5 kg

    Severely underweight 2,4 kg

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