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Pavo SlobberMash - A delicious warm treat!

Pavo SlobberMash - A delicious warm treat!

SKU: 91747

About Pavo SlobberMash

Pavo SlobberMash is a complete feed that is easily mixed with warm water. It is especially suitable for fussy eaters and drinkers at competitions and for older horses with dental problems.Pavo SlobberMash can be used to aid recovery after strenuous exercise, illness or simply as a tasty and healthy variation in your horse's menu. The generous amount of pure linseed helps maintain a shiny coat and supports a healthy digestive system thus reducing the risk of colic.

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • Full concentrate, high in vitamins
    • High pure linseed content and extra vitamin C
    • Plenty of bran (19%) to support digestion
    • Speeds up recovery
    • Easy to prepare with warm water, ready immediately
  • Application

    • For veteran horses and horses with dental problem
    • For horses with a poor condition
    • For horses that need to recover
    • As a healthy treat or delicious variation to your horse's diet
    • For fussy eaters, for example during competitions

    Raw Materials

    Oats / Wheat bran / Linseed expeller / Popped Barley / Cane molasses / Wheat middlings / Popped maize / Sozabeanoil / Calcium carbonate / Sodium chloride (salt) / Magnesium oxide



    Average advice: 0.2kg per 100kg bodyweight per day.

    • Preperation: Mix Pavo 1 part SlobberMash to 1 part hot water.
    • Mix well and allow the mash to cool down to a hand warm temperature before feeding
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    After soaking, a thin layer remains on the bottom, what is it?

    The thin layer on the floor looks like sand, but of course it is not. The SlobberMash was thoroughly tested for the presence of sand (both dry, sieved and after a few weeks). None of the tests showed the presence of sand in our SlobberMash. The light brown sediment visible after soaking is a combination of very finely ground vegetable material (from linseed) and minerals (from premix). Visually, the premix looks like sand, but of course it is not.

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