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Pavo SeniorFibre Easy-to-eat roughage mix -12Kg

Pavo SeniorFibre Easy-to-eat roughage mix -12Kg

SKU: 86164

Fibres are the most important nutrient for a horse to take in. Without fibres horses cannot survive. For that reasons it is extremely important to provide fibres to your horse, also when they are not able to consume the normal fibre sources like hay or silage. Pavo SeniorFibre enables these horses, who (temporally) cannot eat roughage (fibres), to still take in the most essential nutrient and remain in a good condition.

Fibres. Essential for life

Horses with a decreased dental function are not capable of consuming long fibres (>3cm). All the fibres in Pavo SeniorFibre have a maximum length of three centimetres and therefore considered as short fibres. Additionally, the stems of the fibres are soft and therefore are not likely to create damage in the digestive tract. In contrast to many other roughage replacers Pavo SeniorFibre does not contain alfalfa.

Muscle power!

Older and weakened horses are likely to loose muscle mass at some point. As Pavo SeniorFibre is not only high in protein, but also contain a specially designed amino-acid pellet, it optimally supports the preservation of muscle mass and function. The amino-acid pallet contains several amino- acids that are important for healthy muscle metabolism and therefore could slow down the process of muscle break-down.

For every horse

Pavo SeniorFibre contains no grains nor molasses. Additionally the sugar & starch level is very low. As a result Pavo SeniorFibre is also suitable for horses that suffer from metabolic problems, like PPID, PSSM or laminitis, or horses that benefit from a grainfree diet.

Orders will be collected until 17th of April and feeds will be delivered 2nd week of May 2024
  • Key features

    • Partly or complete replacement of normal roughage (hay, silage)
    • Easy-to-eat
    • Mix of soft and short fibres (<3cm)
    • Very low sugar & starch level
    • With prebiotics to support digestive function
    • With tailored amino-acid pellet to support muscle function
    • High levels of protein to support muscle mass and function
    • Free of grains and molasses
    • Without alfalfa
    • Suitable for horses with metabolic problems, like PPID, PSSM or laminitis
    • Successfully tested with 10 stables and veterinary clinics
  • Application

    Suitable for:

    • older horses that have decreased dental function
    • horses with dental problems, like diastase & EORTH
    • horses after intensive treatment by the dentist
    • horses that carefully need to restart eating (e.g. after surgery or digestive problems like colic)
    • horses that need to get their appetite back (e.g. after surgery)
    • horses with oesophageal problems

    ** Pavo SeniorFibre is not suitable for horses that do not have any dental function left. If you doubt about feeding SeniorFibre, please contact your veterinarian.**


    Raw Materials

    Timothy / Grass pellets / Apple pulp / Soya bean meal, toasted nonGMO / Linseedoli / Linseed expeller / Inuline / Sozabeanoil / CellProtect


    Partial replacement of roughage:

    • Pony (300 kg): 3 - 6 kg / day
    • Horse (600 kg) 6 - 12 kg / day

    Full replacement of roughage:

    • Pony (300 kg): 6 - 7,5 kg / day
    • Horse (600 kg) 12 - 15 kg / day

    Pavo SeniorFibre is not vitaminised. In order to make sure your horse takes in all the essential daily vitamins & trace elements, it’s necessary to add a concentrate (or balancer) to the ration, like Pavo 18Plus. Pavo 18Plus can also be fed soaked.

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