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Pavo Podo®Grow Pellets for young and growing horses - 20Kg

Pavo Podo®Grow Pellets for young and growing horses - 20Kg

SKU: 91458

Developing healthy bones and joints is crucial for a horse's health and future performance. Especially in the first 2,5 years, nutrition is one of the essential factors to prevent joint problems such as OC and OCD. With the rearing pellet Pavo Podo®Grow, your young horse will get all the important nutrients to optimally support growth and bone development. 

Steady growth

Young horses grow tremendously. Growth is positive, as long as it happens at a steady and good pace. When a young horse grows too quickly and the growth is uneven, there is an increased risk of disruption in the bone development process. Naturally this increases the chance of joint problems.

Energy and protein are essential nutrients for healthy growth. Pavo Podo®Grow provides the young horse with sufficient energy and is rich in high quality proteins, enabling healthy muscle development.

Podo®: the proven concept for healthy bones

Pavo has always done a lot of research into the ideal feed for the breeding world and from here the Pavo Podo® concept has been developed. The Podo® concept is an unique mineral complex that is scientifically proven to decrease the probability of developing OC(D) in young horses by 50%. Pavo Podo®Grow is equipped with this unique and proven Podo® concept and, therefore, optimally supports healthy bone development. Click here to find out more about the Podo®-concept.

Additional support

Besides providing high quality proteins and sufficient energy, Pavo Podo® Grow also provides the horse with prebiotics, supporting a healthy digestion. Additionally, the ingredient CellProtect (antioxidants), supports uptake of excipients and protects against free radicals (molecules that can damage cells and cause illness).

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • Contains the proven Podo® concept for healthy bone development

    • Sufficient and highly digestible energy to support steady growth

    • High quality proteins for healthy muscle development

    • With highly absorbable trace elements (copper, zinc, manganese)

  • Application

    • For foals, from of a few weeks after weaning

    • Until 3 years old

    If your 3 year old horse is still growing or is a bit lean, you can continue to feed Pavo Podo®Grow.


    Raw Materials

    Barley / Wheat feed / Soya bean meal, toasted nonGMO / Soya (bean) hulls nonGMO / Sunflower seed meal / Cane molasses / Wheat / Linseed / Calcium carbonate / Lactose / Sozabeanoil / Sodium bicarbonate / Magnesium oxide / Monocalcium phosphate / Brewer's yeast / CellProtect


    Average recommended daily recommendation

    Pony (expected adult body weight: 300kg)

    • 6 – 11 months old : 1,0 kg
    • 12 – 18 months old : 0,6 kg
    • 18 months old: 0,75 kg

    Horse (expected adult body weight: 600kg)

    • 6 - 11 months old: 2,1 kg
    • 12 - 18 months old: 1,2 kg
    • 18 months old: 1,5 kg

    Gradually switch to feed for adult horses between the age of 30 and 36 months old.

    Scoop content One Pavo feed scoop of Pavo Podo®Grow contains approximately 1,3 kg.

    Tip!  If you feed less than the recommended amount, add half a dose of Pavo Podo®Care to make sure the young horse receives all the nutrients they need. Pavo Podo®Care is also a great alternative for Pavo Podo®Grow in case the young horse is overweight. By feeding Podo®Care you don’t feed additional energy but still provide the young horse with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy development.  

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