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Pavo Nature's Best  15 Kg

Pavo Nature's Best 15 Kg

SKU: 91471

Healthy muesli full of natural fibres
About Pavo Nature's BestHorses and ponies that perform light work often only need little to no additional energy. Pavo Nature’s Best is a complete daily healthy muesli with low content containing all nutrients a horse needs!Daily healthy muesli for horsesPavo Nature’s Best is a delicious, high fibre muesli that contains little sugar and starch. It is produced on a basis of spelt, alfalfa and timothy. Timothy is a grass with a low amount of fructose. These healthy fibres are what makes Natures Best very easy digestible and make sure that the chewing time of your horse is extended, as well as the chewing amount. The additional chewing of your horse will create more saliva, which supports an ideal intestinal function.Pavo Nature’s Best is enriched with small pieces of carrots. It is an ideal muesli for horses that tend to become hot, as it is cereal-free. Pavo Nature’s Best is vitaminised according to the latest research and the value of today’s roughage.

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024


    The daily needed amount of Pavo Condition depends on the intensity of your daily work and your horse’s pasture routine.

    Daily advice:

    None to little work: 330g per 100 kg body weight per day

    -Horse (600 kg): 2kg

    -Pony (300 kg): 1kg

    Light work: 420g per 100 kg body weight per day

    -Horse (600 kg): 2,5kg

    -Pony (300 kg): 1,3kg


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