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Pavo MuscleBuild 3 Kg

Pavo MuscleBuild 3 Kg

SKU: 79307

About Pavo MuscleBuild

Are you breaking in a young horse, but is the muscle mass lagging behind? Or do you have a sport horse, but want to build up the muscle mass more? It is good to know that a horse can never gain more muscles; the amount is genetically determined. However, muscles can become thicker. Through training, muscle cells are in fact stimulated to store more energy, so that performance improves. To support this process, extra nutrients can offer a solution.


Muscle building for your horse

Pavo MuscleBuild contains whey powder, which is very well-known from the body-building world and which contains a number of very important amino acids for muscle building. These are protein chains which work as building materials for the muscles. Vitamin D3 helps against muscle fatigue, while L-carnitine is added to improve the energy conversion in the muscle cells. In addition, Pavo MuscleBuild contains the natural CellProtect antioxidants for neutralizing free radicals. There is no wheat in it, so it is gluten-free. Pavo MuscleBuild is also doping free.


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  • Key features

    • Supports rapid muscle development
    • Contains essential amino acids for muscle build-up and carnitine
    • Helps to prevent muscle fatigue
  • Application

    • For horses that need support for muscle build-up
    • For young horses that have just started their training
    • For competition horses after a period of rest

    n order to make your horse more muscular, it is not sufficient to only provide Pavo MuscleBuild: you will need to train your horse to stimulate muscle growth. In addition, the total diet should contain sufficient proteins, otherwise the horse will not have sufficient building blocks for the development of muscles. Combined with a high-quality roughage and proper training, in three months’ time, you can significantly increase the muscle mass of your horse by giving Pavo MuscleBuild.

    Horse (approx. 600 kg): 100 grams per day Pony (approx. 300 kg): 50 grams per day


    Raw Materials

    Alfalfa / Whey powder / Rye middlings / Soya bean meal, toasted nonGMO / Calcium carbonate / Sozabeanoil / CellProtect / Dextrose

    Nutritional Value Quantity
    Energy (DE) 5.2 MJ/kg
    Energy (EWpa) 0.44 EWpa
    Energy (ME) 4.2 MJ/kg
    Sugar 7 %
    Starch 3.5 %
    Sodium 0.3 %
    Phosphorus 0.63 %
    Magnesium 0.13 %
    Lysine 10.6 g
    Crude protein 14.1 %
    Crude fibre 15.3 %
    Crude fat 5.8 %
    Crude ash 11.6 %
    Calcium 1.51 %
    Micronutrient - vitamins - trace elements  
    Vitamin C 3,600 mg
    Vitamin D3 9,900 IE
    L-Carnitine 25 g


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