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Pavo InShape - Optimal support during weight loss - 15Kg

Pavo InShape - Optimal support during weight loss - 15Kg

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Pavo InShape is part of the Pavo InShape Program: the complete weight loss program for horses

Did you know that approximately 55% of all recreational horses are overweight? It may look nice, a full horse, but there are all kinds of health risks associated with being overweight, such as an increased risk of severe colic, insulin resistance and laminitis. Time to do something about this, therefore! The Pavo InShape Program was set up to help overweight horses and ponies lose weight in a healthy and responsible way. This weight loss program has been put together by experts and consists of three parts: management, exercise and nutrition. Only by combining these three will you achieve the optimal result.

Optimal support during weight loss

Nutrition is one of the three pillars of the Pavo InShape Program. If you are trying to make your horse lose weight, it is important - just like with people - to stimulate fat burning on the one hand and to prevent muscle breakdown on the other hand. Because your horse is going to move more, the muscles are also put to work. Extra proteins are needed to help the muscles recover after the work and to prevent the breakdown of the muscle mass as a substitute energy source. You can compare it to how we humans take a protein shake when we (suddenly) start exercising more; your horse will have enough with Pavo InShape in addition to his roughage.

Pavo InShape

Pavo InShape is a structure-rich and fully vitaminised muesli with natural antioxidants and specially developed to optimally support horses during weight loss. In addition to a unique high quality protein (methionine) which supports fat burning, Pavo InShape also contains an extra large quantity of protein to help muscles recover after work. In addition, with Pavo InShape you provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your horse needs on a daily basis, thanks to the Pavo Vital pellets contained in the muesli. It is free of grains and contains a very low sugar, starch and energy content. After all, in the battle against the kilos it is important that your horse does not gain any extra energy, and the low sugar/starch content supports horses with a disturbed sugar metabolism (often caused by being overweight).

Pavo InShape is part of the Pavo InShape Program and in combination with the right training and management will result in an optimal weight and thus contribute to the health of your horse!"

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024

    Raw Materials

    Alfalfa / Soya bean meal, toasted nonGMO / Grass pellet timothee / Potato protein / Carrot flakes / Linseedoli / Pea flackes / Wheat straw / Cane molasses / Sodium chloride (salt) / Calcium carbonate


    In addition to roughage, give daily 150 grams Pavo InShape per 100 kg body weight when you are following the Pavo InShape Program in order to allow your horse to lose weight. For a pony (300 kg) this means 450 grams per day, for a horse (600 kg) 900 grams per day. If possible, distribute this quantity over several meals a day. 

    Daily advice: 150 gr/100kg body weight

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