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Pavo GutSecure Balanced muesli for a stable gut function - 15 Kg

Pavo GutSecure Balanced muesli for a stable gut function - 15 Kg

SKU: 86253

The intestinal flora from a horse’s gut comes from hundreds of different species of bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoa. This intestinal flora is extremely sensitive and can easily get disturbed. A minor change in the (feeding) management, stress, a surgery or a move can already disturb the balance, potentially resulting in digestive problems.

Balancing the microflora

Pavo GutSecure is specially formulated to compensate (chronic) digestive disorders in the large intestine. In practice this means that it helps to support a healthy microflora in the gut and with that bring back the balance and harmony, so the digestive tract is stable and digestive processes run smoothly.

The great combination of pre- and probiotics is fundamental. The different prebiotics (Brewer’s yeast & fermented jersualem artichoke (topinambur)) in Pavo GutSecure function as the nutrition of the good bacteria in the gut. Therefore, growth of good bacteria is stimulated which is beneficial for a healthy intestinal flora. In addition, the well-known probiotic Yea-Sacc® is added to Pavo GutSecure. Yea-Sacc® is a living yeast that will be directly of value for the gut. It is scientifically proven to promote digestibility and uptake of nutrients. Moreover, it helps to stabilize the intestinal flora which is key for healthy digestion.


Multiple different fibres are added to the composition of Pavo GutSecure. Fibres are the basis of a healthy digestion as they stimulate the intestines and are an important source of energy for the horse.

Energy is fuel to the body

Energy is being produced during, and is also necessary for, a healthy digestion. Energy can be derived out of fibres, fats and carbohydrates (sugar and starch). Research has shown that a starch intake of less than 1g per kg of body weight (per meal), stimulates a stable intestinal function and reduces the amount of lactic producing bacteria. A decrease in lactic producing bacteria is beneficial as they are responsible for causing acidosis in the (hind)gut. Acidosis should in any case be avoided as it results in the growth of negative and the decline of good bacteria, an irritated intestinal wall and production of toxins that will enter the blood stream. This all will result in a disturbed digestive tract and decreased digestibility.

Additionally, horses with a disturbed digestive tract are often lean or underweight due to the decreased digestibility. To gain weight, (extra) energy is required. The sugar and starch from Pavo GutSecure can function as an easy absorbable and quickly available source of energy. The sugar and starch in Pavo GutSecure originates from heat-treated grains. Due to the heat-treatment, the digestibility increases, resulting in better uptake in the small intestine and less starch entering the large intestines.

Nevertheless, providing sugar and starch in the right proportion remains key. Research has shown that the upper border of sugar and starch uptake in relation to intestinal health is: 1g per 1 kg of body weight per meal. When feeding Pavo GutSecure according to the advised amounts, you won’t even come near this border.

Let’s calculate for an adult horse with a body weight of 600kg:

  • Max. intake of sugar and starch / meal: 1g x 600 kg of body weight = 600 grams of sugar and starch
  • Feeding advice Pavo GutSecure per day: 1,5 kg
  • Combined sugar and starch level of Pavo GutSecure per kilo: 34,8%

1.5 kg (Pavo GutSecure) x 34,8% (sugar and starch) = 523,5 grams of sugar and starch per day.

We advise spreading the daily amount in three portions over the day, resulting in a sugar and starch amount of 174,5 grams per meal. This is only 30% of the upper amount of sugar and starch (maximum amount = 1g x 600 kg body weight = 600g) . Therefore, the sugar and starch level of Pavo GutSecure is not something to worry about.

Lastly, spreading the daily amount in multiple portions is not only important for managing the uptake of sugar and starch, but also results in a continuous provision of the active gut supporting ingredients. A constant flow of support makes the intestinal flora very happy.

Thoroughly tested

Pavo GutSecure is thoroughly tested in more than 100 horses that experienced different kind of gut related issues. The test lasted for a period of 11 weeks, in which testers have seen great improvements in their horses. As a result, the satisfaction score of Pavo GutSecure became a 3,9 out of 5.

(Feeding) management is key

Pavo GutSecure can definitely support a healthy gut function but proper feeding management is the basis for success. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at the current management of your horse and check if you tick all the boxes. Ask for our free feeding management checklist!

Orders will be collected until 17th of April and feeds will be delivered 2nd week of May 2024
  • Key features

    • Stabilizes the intestinal flora
    • Promotes uptake of nutrients
    • Supports normal bowel movements
    • Contains the proven probiotic Yea-Sacc® & valuable prebiotics
    • Thoroughly tested in more than 100 horses


  • Application

    Suitable for horses and ponies:

    • with digestive disorders in the large intestine, like diarrhoea, faecal water, poor manure quality or a disturbed intestinal flora.
    • with an extra sensitive gut
    • the energy & protein level of Pavo GutSecure is tailored to the needs of horses and ponies that perform light work.

    If your horse has a sensitive gut, and performs no work, or more intensive work (medium to heavy), then Pavo GutHealth is a better fit for your horse. Pavo GutHealth is also advised for horses suffering from metabolic problems.

    Note: In case of (severe) digestion related issues, always consult a veterinarian.


    Raw Materials

    Barley flakes / Maize flakes nonGMO / Timothy / Hay (flakes) / Linseed expeller / Jerusalem Artichoke (fermented) / Toasted Barley / Wheat bran / Black oats / Wheat straw / Sunflower seeds / Popped maize / Brewer's yeast / Calcium carbonate / Sodium chloride (salt) / Magnesium oxide / Yeast (Yea Sacc)


    Feed recommendation per day:

    250 grams per 100 kg body weight

    Light work

    Pony (300 kg): 0,75 kg

    Horse (600 kg): 1,5 kg

    • For acute intestinal problems and/or diarrhoea, spread the daily amount over 3 portions
    • For prolonged use, spread the daily amount over at least 2 portions
    • The energy & protein level of Pavo GutSecure is tailored to the needs of horses and ponies that perform light work.

    In case of (severe) digestion related issues, always consult a veterinarian.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take before I should see results?

    Pavo GutSecure is extensively tested in more than 100 horses. In some cases, improvements were already visible after a few weeks. In other horses, it took more time. How quickly improvement is visible, depends on the severity and cause of the problem.


    For how long should I feed Pavo GutSecure?

    Pavo GutSecure can be fed continuously, or only in times when extra gut support is required (e.g. after medication).  As it covers the daily requirements of horses that perform light work, it can be used as a daily concentrate. 


    My horse is not ridden, can I still feed Pavo GutSecure?

    Yes, you can feed Pavo GutSecure but you should be aware that the energy level is suitable for horses that perform light work. As a result, there might be a bit too much energy in the feed. An excessive intake of energy will result in weight gain.

    As long as your horse maintains a healthy body condition, you can continue feeding Pavo GutSecure. When your horse becomes too heavy, it is wise to switch to a supplement that offers gut support.


    Can I feed Pavo GutSecure to horses with metabolic problems?

    No, Pavo GutSecure is not suitable for horses with metabolic problems. In this case Pavo GutHealth is an excellent alternative to provide gut support.


    Do I need to add something extra to the ration besides GutSecure?

    By feeding Pavo GutSecure the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals are covered. This balanced muesli also contains the right amount of energy and protein for horses that perform light work. As a result, Pavo GutSecure is the all-in-one solution for (active) horses with a sensitive gut. There is no need to feed extra concentrates or balancers.

    If you feel that your horse is not getting enough energy from Pavo GutSecure you can add Pavo FibreBeet to the ration. Pavo FibreBeet contains energy from fibres and is high in pectin which is known for its support on good bacteria in the gut and for providing a protective layer to the stomach wall.

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