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Pavo GastricEase - Balanced muesli for a healthy gastric function - 15Kg

Pavo GastricEase - Balanced muesli for a healthy gastric function - 15Kg

SKU: 86250

A horse's stomach is very sensitive and problems can easily arise. Gastric ulcers are a common stomach problem in horses. Besides good (feeding) management, feed products can offer support for a healthy gastric function. Pavo GastricEase is an all-in-one-solution for horses with a sensitive stomach. Besides the support it offers to the stomach, it also provides all the daily requirements for horses that perform no or light work.

Managing the sensitive stomach

Buffer that stomach

Fibres are essential for a healthy digestion as they promote the chewing activity of the horse. During chewing, a horse produces saliva containing the acid neutralizing bicarbonate. Neutralization of stomach acid is beneficial, as it can easily damage the sensitive upper part of the stomach. Pavo GastricEase not only supports neutralization of stomach acid by the high amount of full fibre-rich raw materials, it is also enriched with calcified seaweed (AveMix® Calitho) to support the neutralization even more. The long-lasting buffering effect is what makes this calcified seaweed special. Instead of a peak, a more gradual and prolonged effect is achieved.

Besides the promotion of chewing, fibres offer many other benefits, in particular (desugared) beetpulp and apple pulp are of great value as they contain high levels of pectin. Pectin not only has a positive effect on the growth of good bacteria in the gut, but also creates a gel-like layer to the stomach wall. This layer protects the sensitive wall from the highly sour stomach acid. For a healthy stomach it’s important to minimize the contact between the stomach acid and the sensitive upper part of the stomach wall.

No stress

The stomach wall of the horse is in general delicate but becomes even more sensitive in the event of stress. During stress the body produces substances that affect the susceptibility to damage by gastric acid. One of the special ingredients in Pavo GastricEase is macleaya extract (Sangrovit®), a proven ingredient in many animal feeds as it shows to help with minimizing stress.

Sugar & starch Pavo GastricEase has a low sugar and starch level which can be seen as a pre-condition for horses with stomach problems. Some fermentation of sugar and starch will take place in the stomach but when excessive amounts of sugar and starch are being fed at one time, lactic acid is produced during fermentation. High amounts of lactic acid result in an increased acidification of the stomach, thereby affecting the stomach wall even more. A low sugar and starch level, in combination with small portions of feed, is optimal to keeping the stomach wall happy and healthy.

Don’t forget about the gut

Stomach problems can affect the gut health as well. In order to make the gut healthy and balanced, pre- and probiotics are added to Pavo GastricEase. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut, contributing to a positive microflora. The probiotics are in fact the good bacteria and help to stabilize the microflora as well and promote digestibility. In Pavo GastricEase, the well-known and proven probiotic Yea Sacc® is used.

All-in-one: vitamins, minerals, energy & protein

By feeding Pavo GastricEase the stomach is supported and the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals are covered. This balanced muesli also contains the right amount of energy and protein for horses that perform light work. As a result, Pavo GastricEase is the all-in-one solution for (active) horses with a sensitive stomach. There is no need to feed additional concentrates or balancers.

Thoroughly tested

Pavo GastricEase is thoroughly tested in more than 100 horses that experienced different kind of stomach related issues. The test lasted for a period of 11 weeks, in which testers have seen great improvements in their horses. As a result, the satisfaction score of Pavo GastricEase became a 4,4 out of 5.

(Feeding) management is key

Pavo GastricEase can definitely support a healthy gastric function but proper feeding management is the basis for success. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at the current management of your horse and check if you tick all the boxes. Ask our free feeding management checklist!

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • With fibre-rich materials to promote chewing, essential for healthy digestion
    • Contains stomach neutralizing substances
    • Long-lasting buffering effect on stomach acid
    • Rich in pectin creating a protective layer to the stomach wall
    • With pre- and probiotics to support a healthy microflora in the gut and promotes digestibility
    • Thoroughly tested in more than 100 horses
  • Application

    Suitable for horses and ponies:

    • with a sensitive stomach, that perform no or light work.
    • The energy & protein level of Pavo GastricEase is tailored to the needs of horses and ponies that perform light work.

    Does your horse have a sensitive stomach and does it perform more intensive exercise or are you active in sports? Then Pavo Ease&Excel(muesli) or Pavo GastriCover(supplement) is a better fit for your horse.


    Raw Materials


    Alfalfa / Rice bran (pressure hydrothermally treated) / Apple pulp / Beet pulp (<8% sugar) / Linseed / Sozabeanoil / Lithothamn (AveMix Calitho) / Lignozellulose / Sunflower seeds / Cane molasses / Monocalcium phosphate / Popped maize / Dried apple / Dried beetroot / Carrot flakes / Pea hulls / Macleaya extract / Herbalmix / Wheat middlings / Chicory / Sunflower seed meal / Yeast (Yea Sacc) / Rapeseed oil / Linseedoli / Sodium chloride (salt)



    250 grams per 100 kg body weight

    • Pony (300 kg): 0,75 kg
    • Horse (600 kg): 1,5 kg

    Tip! Divide the daily amount of Pavo GastricEase over multiple portions during the day (2-3 portions). In that way, the stomach supporting ingredients will be continuously provided to your horse.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    My horse is not ridden, can I still feed Pavo GastricEase?

    Yes, you can feed Pavo GastricEase but you should be aware that the energy level is suitable for horses that perform light work. As a result, there might be a bit too much energy in the feed. As the energy in Pavo GastricEase is mainly coming from fibres and fats, this will not make your horse fresh or spooky. An excessive intake of energy will result in weight gain.

    As long as your horse maintains a healthy body condition, you can continue feeding Pavo GastricEase. When your horse becomes too heavy, it is wise to switch to a supplement that offers gastric support.

    Why is there alfalfa in GastricEase? Isn’t that harmful for the stomach?

    Alfalfa is a very nutritious fibre-source that has several positive characteristics against gastric ulcers. At first, the structure promotes chewing. While chewing horses produce saliva which has a neutralizing effect on stomach acid. Additionally, research has shown that the high level of calcium and protein, and the cell structure of alfalfa, provide a buffering effect on stomach acid. So, alfalfa is not bad for the stomach, it even supports a healthy stomach.

    How do I know if my horse is experiencing stomach problems?

    There are different symptoms from which you can recognize stomach problems. When you want to be sure your horse has stomach problems, or you have any doubts about the health of your horse, always consult your veterinarian.

    Symptoms of stomach problems can be yawning, reaction on saddling and/ or touching the belly, spilling concentrates, poor appetite, poor manure quality, teeth grinding, losing weight, vague colic complaints, poor recovery of stamina or a dull coat.

    How long do I need to feed GastricEase?

    Pavo GastricEase can be fed continuously, or only in times when extra gastric support is required. As it covers the daily requirements of horses that perform light work, it can be used as a daily concentrate.  

    Do I need to add something extra to the ration besides GastricEase?

    By feeding Pavo GastricEase the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals are covered. This balanced muesli also contains the right amount of energy and protein for horses that perform light work. As a result, Pavo GastricEase is the all-in-one solution for (active) horses with a sensitive stomach. There is no need to feed extra concentrates or balancers.

    If you feel that your horse is not getting enough energy out of Pavo GastricEase, you can switch to Pavo Ease&Excel, a sport muesli that supports a healthy gastric function. It is also possible to add Pavo FibreBeet next to Pavo GastricEase. Pavo FibreBeet contains energy from fibres and is high in pectin which is known for providing a protective layer to the stomach wall.


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