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Pavo FibreNuggets High quality roughage replacement - 20Kg

Pavo FibreNuggets High quality roughage replacement - 20Kg

SKU: 91836

About Pavo FibreNuggets

Sufficient, structure-rich and high-quality roughage is the basis for every horse's ration, but this is not always obvious. In some situations it may be necessary to supplement or (partly) replace your (haylage). For example, with poor or moderate quality roughage or horses with dental problems that have difficulty absorbing roughage.

Pavo FibreNuggets as an alternative to roughage

Pavo FibreNuggets can be used as a high-quality roughage substitute. The large chunks of grass rich in structure, made from 100% pasture grass from the pre-Alps in southern Germany, promote chewing and salivation in your horse. More chewing counteracts boredom and saliva is good for healthy digestion. The wonderfully fragrant and tasty pasture grass consists of a variety of more than 60 different grasses and herbs. It is rich in fiber, natural vitamins and trace elements and is completely molasses and grain free. The FibreNuggets are of a very consistent quality without dust due to controlled drying. This also makes it the ideal supplement for horses that are sensitive to dust.

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • Top quality roughage replacement
    • Tasty mixture of Alpine grasses and herbs
    • Contains more than 60 different grasses and herbs
    • Free of molasses and cereals
  • Application

    • Suitable for all horses and ponies
    • Supplement or whole or partial replacement of roughage in case of poor or bad roughage quality
    • Senior horses or horses that have a problem with roughage intake due to teeth issues
    • For horses that are sensitive to dust/mould in roughage

    Raw Materials

    Grass pellets


    Pavo FibreNuggets can be fed dry, but for optimum safety we recommend soaking the pellets with sufficient water, in a ratio 1:2 (FibreNuggets : water). Soak the product for 30 minutes in hot water or  1 hour in cold water.

    Feed maximum 0.5 - 1 kg per 100 kg body weight per day

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