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Pavo Condition Healthy pellet full of natural fibres - 20Kg

Pavo Condition Healthy pellet full of natural fibres - 20Kg

SKU: 91451

About Pavo Condition

Do you and your horse perform light sports or leisure work? Nevertheless, you would still like your horse to receive all its daily needed vitamins and minerals, but no additional energy. Horses that receive too much energy tend to either get fat or hot. Pavo Condition is a complete high fibre pellet with a low energy content for horses and ponies that perform light work.

Pavo Condition: high fibre for horses that perform light work

Pavo Condition gives your horse its daily needs of vitamins and mineral. The pellet contains easy digestible fibres and a low sugar and starch content. Thus, even though the ingredients within the pellets are all compressed, your horse will have to chew longer, than in comparison to pellets that do not contain as much fibre. The longer your horse will need to chew on his pellets, the healthier this will be for the digestion of your horse! On top of that, Pavo Condition contains additional linseed for a shiny coat.

Pavo Condition is cereal-free and suitable for horses that get hot because of cereals. Pavo Condition is a great pellet to start with after a recovery or to start off with a new horse.

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • Daily high fibre pellet
    • For horses that perform light work
    • Contains all daily needed vitamins and minerals
    • With additional linseed for a shiny coat
    • Low sugar and starch content
    • Cereal-free
  • Application

    Ideal for horses and ponies that:

    • Perform light work
    • Are active within light sports work
    • Get hot because of cereals
    • Are just broken in
    • Do not need additional energy (energy level low)

    The intensity of your training determines the daily energy that your horse needs. Pavo Condition has the following energy level:

    Energy level low: minimum 3-4 days a week, approximately 30-60 minutes per training. 1 hour of training every day contains 29 minutes of walking, 29 minutes of trotting and 2 minutes of cantering and / or jumping.


    Raw Materials

    Alfalfa / Barley / Grass pellets / Cane molasses / Sunflower seed meal / Spelt hulls / Beet pulp (<8% sugar) / Linseed / Sozabeanoil / Monocalcium phosphate / Sodium chloride (salt) / Magnesium oxide / Calcium carbonate


    The daily needed amount of Pavo Condition depends on the intensity of your daily work and your horse’s pasture routine.

    • None to little work: 330g per 100 kg body weight per day Horse (600 kg): 2kg Pony (300 kg): 1kg

    • Light work: 420g per 100 kg body weight per day Horse (600 kg): 2,5kg Pony (300 kg): 1,3kg

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