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Pavo Cerevit 15 Kg

Pavo Cerevit 15 Kg

SKU: 91470

Complete basic muesli for all horses and ponies
Pavo Cerevit is a complete oat-free basic muesli suitable for all types of horses and ponies in light work. The Pavo Cerevit muesli contains extra fibres in the form of chopped alfalfa and special High Fibre pellets which are mainly made of spelt shells. These ingredients provide the muesli with extra structure. The benefit of extra fibres is that your horse will spend more time eating his Pavo Cerevit meal and he will have to chew more, as a result of which he will produce more saliva. Pavo Cerevit is composed of barley and maize flakes and horses find it very tasty. In addition, it contains all important vitamins and trace elements to keep your horse healthy AND Pavo Cerevit has a favourable price/quality ratio




    The required amount depends, among other things, on grazing and work

    • Average recommendation for maintenance: 330 grams per 100 kg bodyweight per day.
    • Maximum advice when doing light work: 420 grams per 100 kg bodyweight per day.

    Scoop content 1 full Pavo feed scoop Pavo Cerevit contains approximately 0.9 kg.


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