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Pavo Care4Life - Fibre-rich herbal muesli for a healthy horse - 15Kg

Pavo Care4Life - Fibre-rich herbal muesli for a healthy horse - 15Kg

SKU: 91475

About Pavo Care4Life

Pavo Care4Life contains everything that we can think of from a feeding viewpoint to support your horse’s health. This special feed includes fibre-rich raw ingredients, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, yeast, 11 different types of herbs plus vitamins and chelated minerals. These ingredients play a role in the cleansing processes of the body and enable removal of waste products.

As important as these ingredients are, it is also just as important as to what ingredients a feed does not contain! Care4Life does not contain any substances that might unnecessarily burden the horses system. For example, the combined sugar and starch content is only 8%. It does not contain any wheat, wheat by-products, molasses, gluten or oats.

Pavo Care4Life is a suitable healthy addition to the diet of all horses!

Available in 15kg bags

Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • With 11 different herbs
    • Does not contain cereals or molasses
    • Very low in sugar and starch content
    • With organically bounded trace-elements
  • Application

    • For horses which tend to be overweight
    • For horses that cannot digest sugar very well
    • For horses who require no or little concentrated feed
    • For horses that need to recover after illness or injury

                 (This feed does not cure or prevent diseases)


    Raw Materials

    Alfalfa / Apple pulp / Sunflower seed hulls / Soybean flakes nonGMO / Sunflower seed meal / Herbalmix / Linseed / Sozabeanoil / Sodium chloride (salt) / Grass pellets / Pea flackes / Calcium carbonate / Magnesium oxide / Monocalcium phosphate / Carrot flakes / Brewer's yeast / Linseedoli


    • Average advice: 170 gram per 100 kg bodyweight per day.
    • That is about 1kg per day for an average warmblood horse.
    • The required amount depends on grazing and work

    Feed scoop content

    • One Pavo feed scoop Pavo Care4Life contains approximately 0.9 kg

    Tips for horses who eat to quickly and/or gluttonous:

    Our advise for horses who eat to quickly or to gluttonous is to feed Pavo Care4Life wet or to mix it with Pavo DailyPlus. Add spacious water and soak it for about 1 hour. After 1 hour your horse can start a delicious, healthy meal.

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