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Pavo AllSports Sport pellet for all discplines - 20Kg

Pavo AllSports Sport pellet for all discplines - 20Kg

SKU: 91452

About Pavo AllSports

Success depends on disposition, character, training, management and a conscious decision to choose a healthy feed. Pavo AllSports does not only supports your horse through training but also aids in keeping your horse in a healthy condition. Various energy sources from cereals and oil-containing seeds such as linseed provide the correct balance between fast and slow-release energy. The puffed cereal grains ensure maximal digestibility and added oil increases the energy content without increasing the excitability of your horse. Good levels of magnesium, selenium and vitamin E help support muscle function and tone. For a supple horse with increased stamina.

Available in 20kg bags and Big Box.

  • Key features

    • Allround pelleted feed
    • Extra magnesium for the care of muscles and joints
    • Added linseed for extra shine
    • Maximum puffed cereal content to optimise digestion
  • Application

    For all sport horses in all disciplines


    Raw Materials

    Barley / Alfalfa / Wheat feed / Oats / Cane molasses / Sunflower seed meal / Linseed / Sozabeanoil / Sodium chloride (salt) / Calcium carbonate / Magnesium oxide / Monocalcium phosphate / Brewer's yeast / CellProtect


    • Average advice in medium-heavy work: 450 gram per 100kg body weight per day.
    • Maximum advice in heavy work: 600 gram per 100kg body weight per day.
    • The required amount depends on grazing and work
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