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Pavo 18Plus  Muesli for a vital senior - 15Kg

Pavo 18Plus Muesli for a vital senior - 15Kg

SKU: 91469

About Pavo 18Plus

A horse’s body starts to change at approximately 18 years of age. The digestive system becomes less efficient and nutrients are not as easily digested or absorbed. At first this may not be noticeable, as many horses can continue to work effectively while they age. However, the nutritional needs of your horse do start to change. For example, the older horse usually requires more protein to maintain a good topline and muscle tone, and will also be less able to process sugars and starch. This process will be already in motion before you start noticing changes on the outside. It is therefore advisable to begin feeding a concentrate suitable for senior horses before outwards signs of aging become apparent.

You can’t prevent your horse getting older, but you can determine how he is going to age!

Pavo 18Plus will allow you to take care of your ageing horse’s increasing demands as he ages without burdening the system unnecessarily. Pavo 18Plus can be fed dry or soaked as a mash for senior horses with chewing and dental problems. This dust-free muesli will help your senior to stay fit, full of vitality and energy. 


Available in 15kg bags.


Key features

  • Packed with highly digestible fibres to compensate for the less efficient digestive system
  • Contains essential amino acids for maintaining muscle tone and top line
  • Modified sugar/starch content suitable for older horses
  • Extra omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Modified calcium - phosphorous ratio
  • Anti-oxidants to support the immune system
  • Extra vitamins and minerals
  • Small pellets which can be easily eaten by horses with dental problems
  • Can be fed dry and soaked as a mash



  • For active 18+ horses
  • For horses lacking fitness and condition
  • For underweight horses


    • Average advice per day: 300 gram per 100 kg bodyweight per day.
    • Maximum advice: 800 gram per 100 kg bodyweight per day (horses in poor condition)
    • The required amount depends on the amount of grazing and work
    • Can be fed soaked: Mix Pavo 18Plus 1:1 with water


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