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HORIZONT "RANGER" TAPE INSULATOR (30 insulators per package)

HORIZONT "RANGER" TAPE INSULATOR (30 insulators per package)

SKU: 703213

30 insulators per package

The "Ranger" insulator keeps the tape tight and ensures a perfect tension of the fence.
The "Ranger" insulator is available in two versions: with and without rubber filling.
The insulator is closed with two plastic screws.
It can be used as an initial and final insulator for 40 mm wide tapes.
It has a ribbon locking system.
For permanent horse fencing.
Secure fixing of tapes up to 40 mm thick.
Easy to use - secures the ribbon with a single click.
To screw or nail into the wood. Possibility of strapping.
Blocking insulator.
A UV treatment is present on this support so as not to deteriorate the quality of the material.
Conductor: ribbon.

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