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NAF Five Star GastriAid is the must have daily supplement for total gut health. Targeting digestion
from the point of ingestion, Five Star GastriAid promotes correct function and gut integrity from foregut to hindgut, giving your horse a happy, healthy tummy.
         - Saliva support
         - Helps balance pH levels and offers acid ease
         - Muscosal integrity
         - Promote nutrient uptake
         - Active live culture
Five Star GastriAid commences its journey with saliva support, before releasing natural buffers to balance pH. Promoting the health of the small intestine itself has a direct benefit to nutrient uptake, supporting wall strength and elasticity. Activating strong biotic nourishment for the hindgut, live cultures provide recolonisation to underpin the vital equine fibre fermentation process. Five Star GastriAid contains NAF Five Star BioG, a unique synergistic complex that brings together the latest in
evidence based nutritional solutions. Combining live probiotic yeast, prebiotics MOS and FOS and new postbiotic metabolites, Five Star BioG supports total gut health right along the gastrointestinal tract. Whatever the challenge, Five Star BioG works in synergy within NAF’s targeted functional supplements to support your horse’s unique microbiome from fore to hindgut, improving total gut health, digestive efficiency and general wellbeing. Feed Five Star GastriAid for total gut health.

  • Directions

    Feed GastriAid daily to soothe and maintain a healthy digestive system. Introduce gradually for fussy feeders. Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to the bodyweight. One level 25ml scoop provides approx. 20g. A 1.8kg pot fed at 60g per day will last approximately 30 days.


       Loading rate (3-10 days)    120 g per day (6 scoops)

       Standard Maintenance        60 g per day (3 scoops)


       Loading rate (3-10 days)    80 g per day (4 scoops)

       Standard Maintenance     40 g per day (2 scoops)

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