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NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer 3.7KG

NAF Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer 3.7KG

SKU: 5032410121346

OPTIMUM will restore and maintain five-star condition and health, maximize the nutritional value of the daily feed ration, and optimize the health and efficiency of the digestive system.

OPTIMUM comes in a concentrated pellet, each one is of the highest supplement specification available, with a great sugar-free flavour. OPTIMUM is formulated to complement either a high fibre low concentrate, or a performance diet. When a daily feed is not necessary, OPTIMUM can simply be fed on its own directly from your hand. 

OPTIMUM is the perfect choice for every horse, from family pony to performance athlete, it is the optimum choice for all.

Sizes available: 3.7kg

A 3.7kg bag fed at 100g per day will last approx. 37 days

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