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SKU: E008.0500

PROFEET Farrier Solution

A dense liquid hoof application packaged in a handy container with a brush included for convenience and cleanliness. Comfortably sits in your hand while being able to apply with ease. The solution is drip free, so you should have no wastage throughout each use, providing an economical solution to total hoof care. Ideal for your tack box, taking with you on show days or simply sat by your stable for continual use. What’s more, the natural brush means no leaching of chemicals into the product from plastic bristles, helping to preserve the contents for use.

Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round. Recommended for those with poor hoof quality or when ridden days are lost due to the age old saying, ‘No foot, No horse.’

A hoof dressing rich in emollients providing a nourishing blend high in fatty acids. Expertly blended to enable penetration into the horn and help prevent premature cracking and drying, as well as protecting the hoof capsule from the outside in. Ultimately helping to defend the hoof against risks from exposure to water.

Helping to form a natural barrier making it difficult for unwanted bacteria to travel up the hoof wall and create an anaerobic environment. Farrier Solution by PROFEET gives farriers hooves to work with, and horses strong, healthy feet


    Composition :  Limonene


    HORSE OWNERS: Apply daily to the hoof horn and sole to maintain healthy hooves all year round.
    FARRIERS: Apply to finish the shoeing process and to support a trim from visit to visit.
    For animal use only. For external use only. Do not apply product to broken or irritated skin. Apply product to a small test area 24 hrs prior to initial use. Replace lid after use. Store in a cool dry place.

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