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Superflex Powder

Superflex Powder

SKU: 5032410014532

Horses’ joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to show wear and tear. Thinning synovial fluid (joint fluid) and a disruption in the protective cartilage layer starts the process of joint breakdown. Often the initial signs
are undetectable, but can build over time until the horse can no longer work effectively.
Superflex is the right combination; a scientifically balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful antioxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess free radical build up around the joint. It contains an ideal balance of key nutrients in the optimum ratios, developed over twenty-five years of working with sound horses.
Superflex Powder
Sizes available: 1.6kg, 3.2kg
A 400g pot fed at 13g per day will last approx. 30 days.

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