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Pavo Podo®Start Small pellets for young foals- 20 Kg

Pavo Podo®Start Small pellets for young foals- 20 Kg

SKU: 91457

About Pavo®Start

Pavo Podo® Start (5mm chunk) is not only rich in high quality proteins (essential amino acids), but also provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals your young foal needs. It provides a good foundation when transitioning from mare's milk to solid food. Extra magnesium supports rapid bone growth during the growth spurt and copper, zinc and manganese in easily absorbable form ensure undisturbed bone growth. For responsible growth of the young foal, from 3 weeks to 8 months of age.

Also check out Step 1 (Podo®Lac)( and Step 3 (Podo®Grow)]( of our Podo®Concept. Pavo Podo®Care (kibble), nutritional supplement for young foals up to 24 months.


Orders will be collected until 14th of June and feeds will be delivered 1st week of July 2024
  • Key features

    • Contains the proven Podo®Concept
    • Magnesium rich and high digestible copper, zinc and maganese for healthy bone and joint growth
    • 5 mm pellet, easily eaten by young foals
    • All the important vitamins for an even, balanced growth
  • Application

    Pavo PodoStart is step 2 in supporting a foal towards a healthy, adult life. Pavo PodoGrow is step 3 in the Podo Concept and is suitable for foals from 8 months of age.

    • For young foals from 3 weeks to 8 month

    Raw Materials

    Wheat feed / Barley / Soya bean meal, toasted nonGMO / Soya (bean) hulls nonGMO / Alfalfa / Cane molasses / Lactose / Linseed / Sozabeanoil / Calcium carbonate / Magnesium oxide / Sodium chloride (salt) / Monocalcium phosphate / Brewer's yeast / CellProtect


    Average recommended feeding advice for foals per 100kg expected adult body weight per day from the 3th month of life.

    • 1st month: 150 g
    • 2nd month: 200 g
    • 3rd month: 250 g
    • 4th month: 300 g
    • 5th month: 350 g
    • 6th month: 400 g

    Gradually change to Pavo Podo®Grow after the 6th month of life.

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