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Oestress Powder 1 Kg

Oestress Powder 1 Kg

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As entire animals, mares often experience the same stresses of hormonal imbalance as their stallion counterparts. Signs may include mood swings, aggression, flirting, touchiness and compromised performance. The position of the ovaries (just behind the saddle) means that discomfort often results in a reluctance to work over her back, tail swishing and even bucking or kicking. A unique complex, Oestress supplements the mare with extracts of herbal ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to support hormone balance. By improving her diet with Oestress, you are helping your mare to balancing her hormone levels naturally, allowing her to relax and concentrate on her work comfortably.
Oestress should be fed daily throughout the spring and summer season and may be increased in accordance with her oestrus cycle. However, if needed, Oestress is suitable for year round use.
Sizes available: 1kg
A 1kg pot fed at 10g per day will last approx. 100 days.

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